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2024 Nominated Charity

Wessex Heartbeat

About Wessex Heartbeat:

We are a local charity established in 1992 that help babies, children and adults diagnosed with congenital and cardiovascular diseases primarily by supporting the work of the Wessex Cardiac Unit. This is achieved by providing specialised equipment, services and facilities to help patients and their relatives through their cardiac journey.

How we help

Providing medical equipment and funding research on the prevention of heart disease to the Wessex Cardiac Unit. Both equipment and services generally of a type that the NHS would not provide (for example leading edge or innovatory.)

Patient Support
Owning and operating a facility for people with loved ones on the Cardiac Wards. Heartbeat House is a 25 bedroom "home from home" adjacent to the hospital and provides accommodation for up to 35 people at any one time and is available to anyone whose relative is an in-patient in the Wessex Cardiac Unit.

Education and Training
Providing funds to train and educate staff in the Wessex Cardiac Unit ranging from supporting attendees at conferences to funding training courses for medical staff to enhance and advance their professional knowledge and skills.

Funding research on the rehabilitation and cure of heart disease.

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The Louis Ross Foundation

Louis Ross Foundation Logo

About The Louis Ross Foundation:

We help young people facing difficulties by offering funding to both individuals and organisations across the south west of England. Our broad mission allows us to assist a wide variety of funding requests.

The Foundation and its supporters raise funds to allow grants to be given to those in need. We actively look out for opportunities to help young people and respond to applications for help from organisations and individuals. As a small charity we are able to respond personally and it's important that monies raised go directly to those in need. Funds are never just added to a pot but are given for specific, tangible needs and projects.

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Friends of Lockyer's Middle School

Lockyer's School Logo

About Friends of Lockyer's Middle School:

Friend of Lockyer's is a small group of volunteers made up of parents, carers and teachers and makes a full and active contribution to school life.

The aims of the Association are to foster extended relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the school, and to engage in activities which support the school and advance the education of the pupils attending it.

Friends of Lockyer's organises many events including school discos, Summer and Christmas Fairs and film nights and has supported a number of key projects including buying picnic tables, benches and decking for the playground areas, as well as subsidising school trips and maintaining the school minibus.

Friends meet once or twice a term and new members are always very welcome.

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Diverse Abilities

Diverse Abilities Logo

About Diverse Abilities:

The aim of the team is to enable families of children with physical and/or learning disabilities to cope day to day in the knowledge that their child is safe, supported, and cared for. The Children's Team provides a range of services supporting children and young people, plus their families, in Dorset. The team aims to enable families that have children with physical and/or learning disabilities to cope day to day in the knowledge that their child is safe, supported and cared for.

Opportunities are also given to siblings to attend play sessions with their brother or sister while parents and guardians can benefit from various information and support services.

< p>The team offer short breaks during the weekend and overnight, provide practical support in the home and out in the local community, plus holiday, weekend and after school activities to ensure those young people with disabilities live life to the full. The team also provide day care for young people transitioning to an adult.

We want to ensure all the children we support at Diverse Abilities have an enjoyable childhood while helping families cope with the pressures, they face caring for a child with lifetime disabilities.

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Community First Responders - Corfe Mullen

Community First Responders Logo

About Community First Responders - Corfe Mullen:

Community First Responders operate within the communities in which they live or work, often providing lifesaving emergency aid early and ahead of ambulance arrival. This is a vital role as it means that patients will often receive emergency help faster which can be valuable and life saving!

Trained and governed by the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, the Community First Responders are called on any time, day or night, helping to reach those patients most in need across the 10,000 square miles the ambulance service serves.

Community First Responders are volunteers and are in control of their own fundraising. Please support our fundraising efforts so that we can continue to support our community.

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2023 Nominated Charity

Green Island Holiday Trust

About Green Island Holiday Trust:

We believe that everyone deserves a holiday, but many of our holidaymakers do not have the chance to take a break away from their daily routine because of their medical conditions. By supplying suitable level-access accommodation, and taking care of their care and support needs, not only do we enable them to have a holiday, but their carers also benefit from a week's respite.

The Green Island Holiday Trust has been providing unique holiday experiences for people from Dorset (including Corfe Mullen) who are living with disabilities since 1991 when the charity was founded by Jo Davies.

We have a wonderful new venue for our holidays in 2023, Wraxall Yard, nestled in the stunning Dorset countryside. The beautifully designed, former barnyard buildings, offer wonderful, accessible holiday accommodation and provide the ideal base for us as we continue to create our holiday magic

The personal touch

Over the years we have resisted calls to expand and offer more holidays as by remaining small and true to our origins, we are able to keep our personal touch and ensure that our holiday experiences are very special for all those involved.

How we are run

As a registered charity, the Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees, who bring a wealth of diverse experience and skills to managing the charity.

An appointed Co-ordinator is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Trust and the practical organisation of the holidays.

Everything else is done by our incredible team of volunteers who help us tailor our holidays to peoples' needs, but also make sure that fun, good food, companionship, suitable care and safety are our top priorities.

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Going for Bust

Going for Bust Logo

About Going for Bust:

Going for bust is a breast cancer charity, dedicated to raising funds through its charity shops for local hospitals and support groups in the fight to combat breast cancer in the Dorset and Hampshire areas.

he charity was set up by local people who have been directly affected by breast cancer and felt that charity shops offered the best opportunity to provide both sustained and substantial support for people who live in the area as there was a clear shortfall from funds supplied by the NHS.

The name "going for bust" is intended to be both uplifting and forward thinking whilst generating a positive message, which is hopefully reflected by the attitude of the staff and volunteers in the shops, many of whom have been directly affected by breast cancer.

Since its inception at the beginning of 2013, with the opening of the first ever charity shop committed to solely targeting breast cancer, we have been able to open a further twelve shops due to its success.

As well as our charity shops we also have a support centre open in the centre of Wimborne. we offer a range of services, including a wig fitting and supply service for those suffering hair loss due to chemotherapy.

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Poole Sailability

Poole Sailability Logo

About Poole Sailability:

Poole Sailability is an RYA-accredited volunteer run charity whose mission is to permit local people with disabilities to sail. In a normal year, weather dependent, we run over 80 sailing sessions offering around 1,000 spaces on board our 4 Hawk 20 sailing boats, always in the safety of Poole harbour. This is done in two ways;

Outreach programme

We endeavour to be as inclusive as possible in our community programme and have welcomed groups from such organisations as Bowra, The Youth Cancer Trust, Young Carers, Green Island Holidays and Downs, Parkinsons, ME and MS groups. We also involve young people from local SEN (special educational needs) schools with weekly sessions during their summer term. In 2022 many of these pupils received their RYA Sailability Entry Level and Bronze level certificates.

Community outreach is a key focus of our activities allowing many people, who would simply never experience it otherwise, to enjoy sailing or even learn to helm the boat under the guidance of our very capable skippers.

Club sailing

For those who wish to take their experience further and sail regularly, we also run two club sessions per week. These are more hands-on for those who wish to develop their sailing skills under supervision but you can also come along just for the pleasure of being out on the water.

he charity is run by an enthusiastic group of around 50 volunteers and is based at Rockley boatyard. Funding comes from the local sailing community, local trusts and businesses and some national companies and charities. We welcome donations of all sizes and are always looking for volunteers, not only for sailing but to drive our safety boat, welcome our guests on the quayside and to help with back office administration.

We offer a trial sail so if you are interested in sailing or volunteering take a look at our website poolesailability.co.uk or click to send us an email.

2022 Nominated Charity

Lytchett RDA

About Lytchett Riding for the Disabled:

Lytchett RDA is a team of volunteers offering riding therapy to local children. We have been running weekly riding sessions from Rushall Park Stables in Corfe Mullen ever since 1980, using ponies kindly loaned by Richard Dixon. Our riders are children aged 3 to 10 years with different physical and learning difficulties. Many of them come out to us by minibus from Montacute School. The children really look forward to the contact with the ponies, and greatly enjoy the freedom of movement that riding gives them. At the same time it is helping them to develop core strength, balance and coordination.

Many of our riders have autistic spectrum disorders, and our games and activities help them in their speech and understanding. They also form strong bonds with our wonderful kind ponies, and greatly look forward to coming to ride. Their parents and the school staff also recognise and greatly appreciate the beneficial effects of these weekly sessions. Our wonderful team of volunteers really enjoy them too, and they are just as delighted as the children by every little milestone achieved.

In February 2017 we began operating on a second morning each week, so that we now run sessions every Thursday and Friday morning during school term time. This has allowed us to nearly double the riding opportunities that we can offer to local children. In the 2018-2019 school year we gave over 420 rides to 40 different riders. This would not have been possible without the support of our many benefactors. Their generous donations pay for the hire of the ponies and the purchase of riding and play equipment. The Corfe Mullen Carnival Committee have always been one of our greatest supporters, and we have benefited enormously from their generosity in the past. So we are absolutely delighted to have been chosen as one of the Carnival charities again this year, and we are very grateful to all of the Committee for their continuing support.

We are always pleased to welcome new volunteers too!

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Something Special

Something Special Logo

About Something Special:

The idea of our group started when the East Dorset portage team met up for a SEN summer event, and all parents and carers felt that it would be nice if there was something more frequent as there are sadly no preschool age groups locally to help support children with SEN but unfortunately this was not possible for them to organise. With the support of the Children's Centre & Action for Children providing us with the use of the Corfe Mullen children's centre, 3 mums came together to create a fun, safe place for children to play and parents/carers to get together for support. We made posters and gave out some details to portage, Children's Centres and Poole children's development centre and Something Special was created.

We now have a social media page and website, and have reached out to the community to help spread the word so that we can keep providing a much-needed service for local preschool children with any kind of additional needs, as well as support for the parents and carers. We have around 8-10 regular children at our weekly sessions and more at half-term. Parents and carers that get together to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere, with no judgement and lots of advice and support.

We run throughout the half-term holidays so that children who are currently at preschool on the days and times we run can benefit too, hosting parties, special events and lots of different arts & crafts and sensory/messy play and music time.

We feel this has provided a good use of the Children's Centre and have received lots of support from the village in helping us to continue this project and expand.

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2019 Nominated Charity

Corfe Mullen Sports Association

About Corfe Mullen Sport Association:

The CMSA is responsible for the Pavilion Building and Tennis Courts at the Recreation Ground, and oversees all Tennis, Football and Cricket activities at the Rec.

The facilities are well-used by the sporting clubs, and by the wider community for various events throughout the year. We also hope to accommodate a new Pre-School in the near future.

The CMSA is a Registered Charity and is managed by a committee of volunteers

Although the Parish Council owns the Pavilion Building, the CMSA has a fully maintaining lease - meaning that we are responsible for funding the upkeep, repair and maintenance from our own funds!

Our only regular income is from pitch and court fees. We do receive grant funding from time to time, but only if we are undertaking specific projects to keep and maintain the facilities.

Over the next 12-18 months, we hope to embark on a new project to replace all the ageing showers (and associated pipework) in the building. The Pavilion has s total of 10 changing rooms and 2 referee rooms, which are all fitted with multiple shower heads in each room. (2 changing rooms and one referee room are currently out of action as changing rooms). The total cost of this project will be in the region of £15,000 so we are delighted to receive the support of the 2019 Carnival in helping us to raise this sum.

If you would like to find out more about our junior tennis, cricket and junior football clubs please click on the links below.

Friends of Henbury View First School

Henbury View First School

About Friends of Henbury View First School:

The Friends of Henbury View are a group of parents and teachers who volunteer to help raise money for Henbury View First School. The kind of project they undertake, and the costs involved, are exemplified by their project to provide new markings for the school playground, at a cost of nearly £7,000. The support of Corfe Mullen Carnival would make a significant contribution to their fundraising efforts.

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Corfe Mullen Community Responders

Corfe Mullen Community Responders

About Corfe Mullen Community Responders:

Corfe Mullen Community Responders are a group of individuals that attend 999 calls on a voluntary basis in our local community (Corfe Mullen). We can attend anything form a cardiac arrest to a simple fall.

We do this in our own vehicles in our spare time. We are alerted to 999 calls via a digital pager, and we normally arrive ahead of an ambulance because we are based within the community we serve. We have attended approximately 600 calls.

Currently, we have 8 members and 3 kits, and we would like to add blood sugar monitors, thermometers, uniforms and a raiser chair (costing around £2,500) to assist in lifting injured patients from the floor.

For more information about our role, please see South Western Ambulance Service: Community First Responders.

2018 Nominated Charity

Harlequin Care

About Harlequin Care:

Harlequin Care runs regular Carers' days throughout Dorset to support Carers who are looking after a relative, friend or neighbour with a life limiting or restrictive illness. It is an opportunity to meet with Harlequin Care volunteers and other Carers and have a relaxed chat over refreshments.

Qualified practitioners will also be available to provide a range of complementary therapies and counselling free of charge to Carers.

Carers' days are currently held at Holton Lee, a beautiful venue with a calming atmosphere. We are also hoping to provide a half-day relaxation session at Moreton Village Hall.

Click here to find out more about Harlequin Care.

Ashley's Birthday Bank (Registered Charity Number 1161258)

Ashley's Birthday Bank

About Ashley's Birthday Bank:

Ashley's Birthday Bank is a Dorset Charity, based in Christchurch, set up at the end of 2014 and registered as a charity in April 2015. It provides a vital service for many children and families in the Poole, Bournemouth & Christchurch area.

The charity provides two types of services:-

Firstly, it provides underprivileged children (up to the age of 16) with a birthday and Christmas present to ensure they do not go without on these special occasions, and secondly, it provides a crisis service for families who find themselves going through a financially difficult time or have escaped domestic violence, neglect or human trafficking.

To provide these services the charity relies solely on donations. All staff work on a voluntary basis, so any money received goes straight into providing the support that is required.

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Friends of Dolphin (Registered Charity Number 284692)

Friends of Dolphin

About Friends of Dolphin:

Dolphin was conceived as a special project by the Rotary Club of Parkstone in 1979 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Rotary International. The aim was to provide a specially equipped sturdy, safe boat to give free pleasure trips to disabled persons of all ages and disabilities in Poole Harbour.

Over 30,000 passengers have used the boat and the group have asked for our support of £1,000 to help with over-winter maintenance and training cost.

Click here to find out more about Friends of Dolphin.

Montacute School

Montacute School

About Montacute School:

Montacute is a specialist school looking after 82 young people with complex learning difficulties or disabilities in the Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset area. Whilst the students have undoubted skills and abilities, they also struggle to overcome profound difficulties. Many are on the autistic spectrum, others have sensory impairment, physical disabilities or high medical needs. All have problems with communication and learning.

When Montacute School was completely rebuilt in 2014/5, the original budget was slashed from £12 million to £5 million: delivering, in effect, an empty shell. The school has worked very hard (with help from donors and partners) to equip the school with the complex equipment needed to enable students to fully engage with learning - safely and with dignity, and now needs to provide a similarly stimulating external learning and sensory environment.

The Step Outside masterplan identifies what is needed to transform the school grounds, and this is broken down into a series of discrete projects. It would be really rewarding if Corfe Mullen Carnival was able to make a significant contribution to one of these projects.

Click here to find out more about Monacute School.

Forest Holme Hospice (Registered Charity Number 1038021)

Forest Holme Hospice

About Forest Holme Hospice:

Forest Holme Hospice Charity helps to enhance the lives of adults from across Poole, Wimborne and the Purbecks who are facing a life limiting or terminal illness. We financially support the specialist palliative care teams within Forest Holme Hospice, part of Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, to be there for the patients and their families whenever, and wherever, they are needed.

The charity needs to raise £750,000 this year to support all aspects of the hospice, and Corfe Mullen Carnival is pleased to provide a helping hand in this.

Click here to find out more about Forest Holme Hospice.

2017 Nominated Charity

Green Island Trust (Registered Charity Number 1003975)

About Green Island Holiday Trust:

The Green Island Holiday Trust provides holidays for people with disabilities in a beautiful setting on the shores of Poole Harbour.The Green Island Holiday Trust provides holidays for people with disabilities in a beautiful setting on the shores of Poole Harbour.

The Trust was founded in 1991 on Green Island in Poole Harbour from where it has taken its name. In 2005 the Trustees decided to relocate the holidays to Holton Lee which has fully accessible facilities for people with disabilities. This is a 350 acre estate on the edge of Poole Harbour.  This delightful estate has woodlands, heathland, large open spaces and harbour views.  It is home to deer, wild ponies and a lot of birds. We rent the premises from them. The holidays are held during the summer months.

Holidaymakers are accommodated in the Woodland and Gateway cottages alongside a dedicated and experienced team of volunteers who provide 24 hour care and support.  Prior to the holiday each guest will be visited by the Trust's Coordinator so that the care and support needs of each individual can be assessed. Each holiday is based around a varied programme of activities and the group share a week of friendship laughter and good food. They can explore the beautiful surroundings via the network of wheelchair-friendly paths or venture further afield in a wheelchair-friendly tractor and trailer or pony and trap. During the week holidaymakers can participate in art and craft sessions, musical evenings, enjoy barbecues (weather permitting) and meals out. Tailored to the group off-site activities may include a boat trip around Poole harbour and visits to local attractions and towns.

Every year the Trust organises six one week long holidays with five places available on each one. We provide holidays for disabled people living in their own home so that, as well as having a break themselves, their carer(s) receives respite as well. We also offer holidays to people living in residential homes. Holiday priority is given to people who live in Dorset and Hampshire.

Our main asset is our volunteers and over the years we have had many who have returned year after year to give a week of their time.  New ones continue to come forward but we are always looking for more. They give unstintingly of their time and look after our holidaymakers 24 hours a day.  It is hard work but incredibly rewarding. Without them we couldn't continue.

Click here to find out more about the Green Island Holiday Trust.

Corfe Mullen Youth Trust (Registered Charity Number 1168261)

Julia's House

About Corfe Mullen Youth Trust:

Founded in 2016, the Corfe Mullen Youth Trust is a registered charity.

The aim of the Trust is to continue the work of the former Youth & Community Centre and provide the young people of Corfe Mullen and surrounding areas a place to meet on a number of evenings a week, with their friends in a location where they are safe and they feel able to discuss any concerns/issues they may have with a qualified Youth Worker or Assistant Youth Worker.

Fun activities are arranged on most evenings based around:

Activities include:

The new Youth Trust also hopes to arrange activities away from Corfe Mullen during school breaks and weekends. Under the previous County Council funded Youth & Community Centre, activities had included a Tall ships expedition, a trip to a Romanian Orphanage, trips to Alton Towers, surfing in Cornwall, visiting skate parks in other areas. There is also an annual programme running the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Run by qualified Youth Workers, the service will be located in the building within the Lockyer's School carpark, which is being updated and transferred from the County Council to Lockyer's School.

2016 Nominated Charity

Julia's House (Registered Charity Number 1067125)

About Julia's House:

Julia's House is a dedicated children's hospice charity which supports children with life limited illnesses and their whole families throughout Dorset and south Wiltshire.

We care for around 100 children, the majority of which are unlikely to live into adulthood. They visit the hospice for sessions and overnight stays or receive care from the Julia's House Community Team, which consists of nurses and carers who provide life-changing support for families in their own homes.

We also operate a neonatal service for families of very young babies who are right at the beginning of their difficult journey and a transitions service, supporting and advising families of older children as they reach 18 and pass into adult care.

Julia's House understands the strain that having a very poorly child can put on the whole family - that's why, as well as respite care, we also organise social activities for mums, dads and siblings. Julia's House looks after the whole family, not just the sick child.

Why we need your support:

In 2016 Julia's House will only receive 5% government funding, compared with a national average of 17% for children's hospices and 32% for adult hospices. This makes Julia's House one of the worst-funded hospices in the UK in terms of government support and almost entirely dependent on public donations.

Julia's House plans to build a children's hospice in the heart of Wiltshire within the next 2 years. We have already expanded our south Wiltshire community care team to cope with the increasing demand from families and professionals for its home-care service.

While fundraising may be tough, it's not as tough as the challenges facing Julia's House families every day. Respite care means so much to parents who are looking after a very sick child 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year in, year out. It gives them time out with their partners, their other children or simply a chance to catch up with some day-to-day tasks, safe in the knowledge their child is being looked after by people they know and trust.

The Care Quality Commission has rated the quality of care provided by Julia's House as Outstanding. Julia's House is one of the first to receive the top rating under CQCs new tough approach to the inspection of care services.

2015 Nominated Charities

Corfe Mullen Youth Centre

Corfe Mullen Youth and Community Centre is part of Dorset County Councils Children Services and provides educational and social activities. This supports the personal and social development of young people in the 12 to 19 year old age group.

Underpinning our work we are guided by the five every child matters outcomes which are:-

  • To be healthy
  • Stay safe
  • Learn new skills and have their achievements recognised
  • Make a positive contribution
  • Enjoy economic and social well being

We work around different themes and programmes such as the Duke of Edinburgh's Award where young people can achieve a recognised award which can help to build up their portfolio of skills.

Other activities the centre runs are trips to theme parks, skate parks, quad biking, surf lessons, tall ship sailing as well as county events. These extra events often occur during weekends and school holiday periods and give young people an opportunity to have a go at an activity at minimal cost.

The Centre is open 5 nights a week.

  • Monday..........Year 7 Programmed activities
  • Tuesday.........Project Night and Duke of Edinburgh's Award
  • Wednesday....Year 10 Drop in and advice
  • Thursday........Year 9 Programmed activities
  • Friday.............Year 8 Programmed activities

All events are supervised by suitably qualified and trained staff that have completed the obligatory clearance check for working with young people.

Click here to find out more about the Youth Centre's programme.

Corfe Mullen Day Centre (Registered Charity Number: 800778)

Corfe Mullen Day Centre

Corfe Mullen Day Care Centre meets each Monday during school term time at St Nicholas Church from 10am until 3pm.

Up to 24 elderly people meet for friendship in a warm, happy environment, where they can enjoy a hot meal, tea, coffee and home-made cake.

During the day we organise various pursuits, this includes craft activities with special projects being undertaken at Easter and Christmas, which the participants take home with them.

Bingo is a great favourite of the group in the afternoon.

All helpers and drivers are volunteers and at the moment we are fortunate in having sufficient helpers.

However, drivers are urgently needed.

If you are interested in becoming a driver (a mileage allowance is paid) please come along to one of our sessions and introduce yourself to one of us or telephone Pam on 01202 884923.

Dorset G.O.L.D (Registered Charity Number: 900639)

(Giving Opportunities for Learning Disabilities)

Dorset G.O.L.D logo

DorsetGOLD is a small independent charity based in East Dorset who have for many years assisted children and adults with learning disabilities by providing much needed support.

We provide grants for tailored respite care and social clubs for adults; very soon we will be restarting our children's club 'poppets' will be restarting.

Many different activities are undertaken, which are chosen by our service users.

As DorsetGOLD is an independent charity we are much more able to provide locally targeted services. We are run solely by volunteers who include service users, parents and people who have worked in the learning disability field for many years.

This helps us to be an inclusive and open to all charity.

We are in the process of building a new website which will be accessible to all.

We are so pleased and indeed honoured to be chosen as one of the charities that will benefit from Corfe Mullen Carnival this year.

Lytchett Riding for the Disabled (Registered Charity Number: 1073643)

Scouts Logo

Lytchett RDA is a registered charity which gives disabled children the opportunity to ride for therapy and enjoyment.

The group has been operating from Rushall Park Stables in Corfe Mullen since 1980, using ponies lent by Richard Dixon. Our small team of volunteers runs sessions every Friday for children from Montacute School in Poole and for local pre-school aged children. The children develop balance and coordination through mounted games and activities, and thoroughly enjoy the contact with the ponies.

The group is funded entirely by donations from riders and benefactors. Previous generous donations have allowed us to purchase our own pony, Stacey. We need to raise funds to pay for her keep, and we frequently have to replace our specially adapted tack as it wears out.

We are also always looking for new resources and ideas to keep our young riders interested and stimulated.

Click here to find out more about the Riding for the Disabled Association.

2014 Nominated Charities

2nd Corfe Mullen Scout Group

The 2nd Corfe Mullen Scouts is a thriving scout group catering to boys, girls and young adult's aged between 6 and 18 from Corfe Mullen. The scouts get involved in a wide range of activities from archery, climbing, abseiling, rafting and kayaking to summer camps.

All of the scout group sections, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, also take an active role in community events such as the Corfe Mullen Carnival, St Georges Day parade and Remembrance Day. As well as having lots of fun the Scouts help local young people to take a role in their community and build social and personal skills.

Corfe Mullen Scouts is run on an entirely voluntary basis and is in need of more adult helpers and supporter to carry on their work. We are currently fund raising to help maintain the Scout HQ and update our ageing camping equipment to ensure that Corfe Mullen children can continue to get involved in Scouting.

Click here to find out more about the 2nd Corfe Mullen Scouts.

MS Society Bournemouth Branch

MS Society

We are a Centre for local people affected by Multiple Sclerosis, based in West Parley, accommodating members from Wimborne, Verwood, Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole, covering an area in excess of 200 square miles. We have 6 specially adapted buses that pick up members and bring them into the Centre, where we provide support, advice, craft work, hair dressing, physiotherapy and freshly cooked lunches for all local people with MS. The Centre is open 3 days a week and around 70 people with MS visit each day. An army of volunteers help run the centre, without whom the centre wouldn't exist. Fully self funded the centre needs approximately £170,000 a year to function and is one of the largest MS centres in the country.

Our major fund raising projects at the moment are for a new boiler and radiators which will cost around £6000 and I am also looking at the feasibility of a solar energy system.

John Astley

Click here to find out more about the MS Society.

Wessex Cancer Trust

Wessex Cancer Trust

Wessex Cancer Trust provides local cancer care support services for patients and families living with cancer across the Wessex region - Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands.

Our support services include local cancer care support centres, offering practical and emotional support, including free counselling, complementary therapies and befriending to anyone living with cancer, and information service for patients, families and carers.

We also help with medical equipment, research and care, holiday homes - situated in New Milton and Weymouth - fun activities and outings for children and financial support to help with extra expenses incurred as a result of cancer diagnosis.

Wessex Cancer Trust also continue to help and support after treatment with a Survivorship programme, providing trained instructors to give fitness and exercise treatment and advice. This is already now in place at the Littledown Centre and your help will help ensure it is sustained.

Click here to find out more about the Wessex Cancer Trust.

2013 Nominated Charities

Forest Holme Hospice

Forest Holme is a purpose-built specialist palliative care unit which forms part of the Medical Clinical Care Group at Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

The unit is situated a short distance from the main hospital and offers a tranquil setting for the care of patients and their families. It has facilities for outpatients, specialist nurses working both within the community and in the hospital, counselling support and teaching on the ground floor, and ten beds for inpatients on the first floor.

It deals especially with the physical and psychological comfort of patients with complex needs and also provides support and advice to carers, family and friends. Their philosophy is to provide a safe environment which makes holistic care available to patients who have serious illnesses, and to provide support to their families. The care is individually tailored to meet the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of all those coming into contact with staff based at Forest Holme, in order that all kinds of distress be reduced to a minimum.

Care is given by a courteous and appropriately qualified multiprofessional team with the intention of restoring as much choice and control to patients as is feasible within the constraints of their illness.

Click here to find out more about Forest Holme Hospice.

Corfe Mullen Village Hall

Corfe Mullen Village Hall

Corfe Mullen Village Hall is a registered charity situated centrally in Corfe Mullen off Towers Way. It is available to the local community for hire for a wide range activities as well as private functions such as family celebrations.

The Hall aims to provide space for such activities at an affordable cost so that the whole community can take part. Current activities on offer are:

Aerobics - Zumba - Latin/Ballroom classes - Quilters - Dorset Dowsers - Floral Decoration - Bingo - Yoga - Pilates - Tea dance - Belly Dancing - Line Dancing/Salsa - Otago (specialist mobility exercise for the over 70s) - Art Club - Gardening Club - Alpine Garden Society - Tai Chi - Youth Offending Panels - Staff Training - Parish Council meetings - Toddler football - Cartophilic Society - Circle of Friends - WI - Home Watch meetings

We also run a weekly coffee morning for the local community which is very well attended and a very important event especially for those who live on their own and have little contact with others. The large hall does of course cost a huge amount to run and maintain and there are always improvements required - we are in desperate need of a new main kitchen so any donation from the Carnival and Fun Run would be gratefully received.

Click here to find out more about the Corfe Mullen Village Hall.

2012 Nominated Charities


In June 2011 Gail Miller Prior of Corfe Mullen (Wimborne, Dorset), lost her 22 month old son, Max, to a rare complication in Epilepsy with regard to the central nervous system, called SUDEP, (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy).

Max was a happy little boy who enjoyed life literally to the 'max'. It is a tragedy that his life was cut short by an occurrence so little is known about.

To commemorate Max's life a group of family, friends and colleagues have come together as TeamMAX to raise awareness locally for Epilepsy.

TeamMAX : The goal of sponsorship and fundraising for our events is to be able to help secure an Epilepsy Specialist Nurse at Poole General Hospital. TeamMAX have also provided a research grant into SUDEP, in memory of Max, via Epilepsy Action.

Click here to find out more about TeamMAX.

Dorset ME Support Group (Registered Charity Number 1087393)

Dorset ME Support Group Logo
The Dorset ME Support Group, a registered charity, is a membership organisation offering help and support to those with CFS/ME, including their families and carers, who reside in the county of Dorset or in areas immediately adjoining it. The Group currently supports over 600 persons and their families.

The Group's activities are centred on providing information about the illness, a Benefits Advisory Service, advice on Welfare Support and a range of social and other activities to encourage the rehabilitation of its members. A twice-yearly Newsletter is distributed to members and an Annual Medical Lecture is organised with speakers of national standing.

Click here to find out more about Dorset ME Support Group.

2011 Nominated Charities

Lewis-Manning Hospice (Registered Charity Number 1120193)

Lewis-Manning Hospice is Poole's voluntary hospice offering free specialist palliative nursing care to around 650 East Dorset residents living with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

We know that when someone develops cancer or another life threatening illness their life is changed dramatically. It is our aim to ensure that local people are given access to the support they need to help them cope with their illness and the changes it may bring.

Our specialist nursing team offers care and support through a day care service, lymphoedema and breathlessness clinics, and education services and support groups for both patients and carers.

Our day hospice offers advice and support about relief from pain and other distressing symptoms, emotional support, physiotherapy, practical support, general nursing care and hairdressing. We also offer creative arts therapies, physiotherapy, aromatherapy and other holistic treatments as well as a lovely home cooked lunch. We know that it's the little things that make a world of difference.

Click here to find out more about Lewis-Manning Hospice

Corfe Mullen District Girlguiding (Registered Charity Number 306016)

Girlguiding Dorset Logo logo

Girlguiding UK is the United Kingdom's largest voluntary organisation for girls and young women, with around half a million members including about 100,000 trained volunteer adult Leaders and supporters.

Click here to find out more about Corfe Mullen District Girlguiding.

2010 Nominated Charities

Lytchett Riding for the Disabled (Registered Charity Number 1073643)

The Riding for the Disabled Association is a registered charity that aims to deliver opportunities for therapy, achievement and enjoyment to people with disabilities. The Lychett RDA is a small group of volunteers that meet every Friday morning during school terms at the Rushall Park Riding Stables in Corfe Mullen. Here, stable owner Richard Dixon, provides the group with a number of ponies, which enables them to run several session for children aged 6 to 10 years.

All the children live locally and many attend the Montacute School in Poole. As the children learn to ride and work with the ponies, they develop balance and co-ordination skills through mounted games and activities, and thoroughly enjoy the close contact with the animals.

The group constantly needs to replace its specially adapted tack and play equipment, as it becomes worn-out, and are always looking for new resources and ideas to keep its riders interested and stimulated. The group would also like to hear from volunteers willing to help-out on Friday mornings.

This year is the thirtieth anniversary of the Lytchett RDA and to mark the occasion the group would like to extend their sessions to additional riders and improve the facilities for both riders and helpers.

Click here to read about four year old George Fripp from Corfe Mullen.

Click here to find out more about the Riding for the Disabled Association.

Phelipps Charity (Registered Charity Number 306234)

The Phelipps Charity was established by Thomas Phelipps upon his death in 1662. Thomas Phelipps lived in Court House, Corfe Mullen, which today stands close to the busy A31 trunk road. His bequest of £500 was invested by his trustees to help the parish curate, and poor children within the village.

Interest from the investment was disposed of as follows:-

  • £10 to the curate of Corfe Mullen.
  • £10 to 10 poor children to buy bread and cheese and 7s.4d for beef at Christmas, with an additional £10 put aside to clothe and apprentice them.

Over the years the Will of Warland & Churchill has been added to the Thomas Phelipps Will.

Today the Charity is divided into three branches:-

  • Children's Branch - providing food vouchers to the needy at Christmas.
  • Apprentice Branch - providing financial support to school-leavers to help fund books, uniforms or instruments for further education.
  • Warland & Churchill Branch - providing fuel allowance grants to the elderly.

Advertisements about the Phelipps Charity are regularly distributed throughout the village, and grant application forms can be obtained from the Parish Council Office

2009 Nominated Charities

Round Table Children's Wish (Registered Charity Number: 1060225)

Round Table Children's Wish are thrilled to be one of the nominated Charities for the 2009 Corfe Mullen Carnival and 5km Run.

Founded in 1990 we have been granting the Wishes of Children aged between 3 and 17 suffering with life-threatening illnesses for nearly 20 years. The joy of having a Wish enables the Child and their family to step away from their daily routine and share a special time when the Child is well enough to enjoy the experience.

The types of Wishes that we grant can be varied and very interesting. We have children who would like to meet their television or sporting hero, others would like to have something which they can use and enjoy and some would like the opportunity to share a special holiday with their family.

All of these Wishes are only possible with the financial support of individuals and organisations that help us to raise the funds. This enables us to continue to grant these very special Wishes so the children can share an unforgettable experience with their family, creating happy memories that last long after the Wish has taken place.

Thank you for your support and we hope that you enjoy the festivities during the Carnival week

Click here to find out more about how you can refer a Child or help with fundraising.

Corfe Mullen Sports Association

CMSA logo

Corfe Mullen Sports Association is a voluntary body whom represent the various clubs which operate from the recreation ground in Corfe Mullen. The CMSA is a non-profit making organisation, which runs purely on the goodwill of volunteers. Any monies which are generated by the Association, in the form of pitch fees, charges or donations, are used to maintain and develop the facilities at the recreation ground, and to promote sport and leisure activities for the benefit of the whole community.

The CMSA has been in existence since the early 1980s and represents a variety of sports including: Tennis, Football and Cricket. Our many clubs provide sporting opportunities for young and old alike, and are always on the look out for new members keen to maintain or develop their skills. Our popular junior sports groups are supported by qualified coaches who are engendering a love of sport in our youngsters that will, hopefully, last a lifetime. The sports pavilion is also the home of the Toybox pre-school group.

We are delighted to be one of the beneficiaries of the 2009 Corfe Mullen Carnival and 5km run. This is fantastic news, not only for us but for the village as a whole, as the money that is raised on our behalf will enable us to continue to promote and improve the recreational facilities available at the recreation ground, for the benefit of the whole community.

If you would like to find out more about our cricket and junior football clubs please click on the links below.

Corfe Mullen Youth Centre

CMYC logo
Corfe Mullen Youth & Community Centre is part of Dorset Youth & Community Service which provides educational activities. This supports the personal and social development of young people in the 12 to 19 year old age group.

We work around different themes and programmes such as the infamous Pantomime, the Duke of Edinburgh's Award where young people can attain a recognised award which can help to build up their portfolio of skills, and of course preparing the carnival float.

Other activities the centre offers are trips to theme parks, skate parks and county events such as five-a-side football tournaments and dance competitions. These extra events often occur during weekends and school holiday periods.

In the last year we have had over 4,000 young people attend the centre and as you can imagine this can cause a great deal of wear and tear on facilities and equipment. The money that is raised from this year's carnival run will go towards improvements to the centre, purchasing extra resources and subsidising activities.

Click here to find out more about the Youth Centre's programme.

2008 Nominated Charities

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance (Registered Charity Number 1078685)

The Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance has been busily fundraising for the last 2 years to enable them to upgrade to the new generation aircraft. The new aircraft is a Eurocopter EC 135 which is larger and offers a quicker and smoother flight, ensuring that all our patients receive the best possible journey to hospital. It came into service in March 2007.

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance was launched March 2000. It responds mostly to emergency calls such as sporting and road traffic accidents due to the remote locations and the kind of injuries sustained. On average it receives 3 or 4 calls per day, it is deployed by the Ambulance service.

The helicopter flies at 140 mph and can land in an area half the size of a tennis court making it an ideal recourse for the Ambulance service to send to some of the areas needed.

The Aircraft costs in excess of £3500 per day to run, this money has to be raised largely from charitable donations from the counties of Dorset and Somerset and beyond. The Charity has a band of loyal volunteers spread across the two counties who work extremely hard at fundraising to ensure that this vital service continues.

Click here to find out more about the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance.

East Dorset Mencap (Registered Charity Number 900639)

EDM logo
East Dorset Mencap operates in North and East Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole. Our aim is to enable the values, CHOICE, OPPORTUNITY and RESPECT for our members, their families and carers, and all people with learning disabilities within our area of operations. We look to enhance quality of life, and enable opportunities wherever we are able.

Click here to find out more about Mencap.

2007 Nominated Charities

Macmillan Cancer Support (Registered Charity Number 261017)

The Broadstone and Corfe Mullen Macmillan Committee was formed in 1988 and raises money which is spent on those living with cancer in Dorset.

In Dorset, people with cancer benefit from 34 Macmillan professionals, including specialist and palliative care nurses, GP facilitators, councillors, social workers and information professionals.

With your help we can do more.

Click here to find out more about Macmillan Cancer Support.

Coping with Chaos (Registered Charity Number 1076937)

cwc logo
Founded in 1997 by two parents, Coping With CHAOS is a registered charity, that provides services to families with a child, or young person who has a disability or special educational need. We currently support over 170 families living in the East Dorset, Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch and the Purbeck area.

The school holidays can often be a time of isolation for our families. Therefore our most popular service is the provision of the Play Opportunities which are held every day of the school holidays, with at least 2 sessions a day. Activities include trips out to local attractions, leisure centres, play centres, swimming, bowling, the beach, local beauty spots, the cinema, as well as our premises at West Moors where we can organise specialist play sessions tailored to meet specific needs. On hand to help play with the children are the CHAOS Crew which enable parents to relax a little and feel more confident when taking their children out. The Play Opportunities give families with a disabled child the chance to enjoy a day out together. We include the whole family and welcome brother and sisters, grannies and granddads!

Other services we provide include counselling, parent and child befrienders, as well as weekly coffee mornings during term time for parents and carers. We are currently piloting a youth group and a new siblings group. All our services are heavily subsidised and we ask families for a voluntary contribution of just £1 per session per child. In order for us to continue to provide our services we fundraise by applying for grants and rely on a small team made up of parents to support us with community fundraising.

By supporting Coping With CHAOS this year you will be helping local families with disabled children receive support and friendship, as well as looking forwards to and enjoying the school holidays.

Thank you very much.

Click here to find out more about Coping with CHAOS

Corfe Mullen Village Hall

cmvh logo

2006 Nominated Charities

The Friends of the Hadleigh Practice

The Hadleigh Practice has been providing health care to the residents of Broadstone and Corfe Mullen for many years; in fact the practice celebrated its centenary year in 2006. The "Friends of the Practice"” is a group of volunteer patients that supports the work of the practice in various ways. Fund raising by the group during the past few years has provided valuable equipment and additional facilities at the two surgeries.

Money raised during the 2006 Carnival was used to purchase a spirometer for Hadleigh Lodge (a spirometer is a device used to monitor patients with lung disease).

Click here to find out more about the Hadleigh Practice.